Through the 2011 Localism Act, we as local people can help devise a Neighbourhood Plan for Norwood.  This will enable you, other local residents and businesses to have a greater say in building and development in our area.  Together we will decide where future shops, housing and workspaces should be, what they look like and press for property to be more affordable too. 

The Norwood Planning Assembly has therefore been formed to deliver a Neighbourhood Plan for the people of West Norwood.  This process will take some time as the community needs to be consulted as widely as possible.  Once approved, a Norwood Neighbourhood Plan would give locals greater control over building, development and land-use meaning all future planning applications would have to comply with policies agreed by the people of Norwood. 


Who are we?


Our base of support and organisation is NAG and the Norwood Forum, which are open to everyone, but the Norwood Planning Assembly can include anyone who lives or works in the neighbourhood.  See the separate page for who is on the committee and who our members are.


What are we doing?


Although we are all volunteers, we must get the technical detail correct for our official "designation" under the Localism Act 2011. 

In addition to final agreements on the boundaries for the Norwood Planning Assembly (see here), there are several necessary tasks underway so as to apply to Lambeth Council for "designation".  We continue to attend events and meetings to spread the word as widely as possible and recruit new supporters and we are successfully building an increasingly large database of local people and businesses supporting neighbourhood planning. 

We have drafted a constitution which is a requirement of any neighbourhood plannign forum, which can be viewed here.  This will be finalised and voted on at the next NPA General Meeting, which residents and local businesses are welcome to attend and which we will notify you of via the website, social media and our newsletter.  You can sign up for the newletter and to become a member here.


We are supportive of the council's "masterplan refresh" project which is consulting on an economic vision and a plan for the regeneration of Norwood.  When this council plan is complete, we will be able to assess and adapt from it suitable policies for the business element of the Norwood neighbourhood plan. 


We have now been campaigning for two years and many people have agreed to assist with developing planning policies for Norwood.   We are now moving forward much faster and together we can enable local people to have a say in local planning.  We’ll have the power to promote our ideas, protect our interests and decide how best to spend money from Developers’ levies to improve our area practically, but also culturally.


Why are we doing it?

Norwood has suffered for years from poor planning and neglect.  The closure of Lambeth College on Knights Hill has resulted in a large site being left derelict for almost 20yrs.  Norwood High Street is one of the most run-down in London and at Tulse Hill the recurring bridge-strikes continue to cause travel chaos.  We want plans for safer, quieter, cleaner cycling and walking routes to be led by local people, as well as more affordable homes, work spaces and a Norwood which is safe, attractive and green for local residents, businesses and visitors alike.

What we are doing