• Amanda Courtney

SAFER STREETS meeting hosted by Cllr Pete Elliot, Gipsy Hill Green Party (and NPA committee member)

Cllr Pete Elliot will be hosting a discussion about traffic calming measures that have been piloted in other areas of London, and whether these could be viable in Gipsy Hill, West Norwood and beyond.

"We recently took a visit to De Beauvoir Town up in Hackney. The area has largely been cleared of through traffic, rat running and is a tranquil and safe place for local residents and visitors. Rat running has been eliminated and accident rates have declined massively. This has been achieved at relatively low cost by just blocking off some streets which allow residents to access their homes but does not provide a through route for other traffic. Could we do something similar in our area? Come and discuss with us. Bring along any questions, concerns and ideas that you may have."

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