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Norwood Green Town Charter - A call for action

The Green Town Charter is a community action manifesto and the starting point for a Neighbourhood Plan for Norwood. It has been co-produced by the Norwood Planning Assembly, Norwood Action Group, Norwood Forum and Station-to-Station BID and it puts forward our shared high-level aspirations for the wider Norwood area derived from our close and continuing engagement with residents and businesses.

It forms the foundation for the continuing work of all four community organisations and will underpin the Norwood Planning Assembly lead preparation of more detailed policies and proposals in the Norwood Green Town Plan, a neighbourhood plan for the area which will be put to a public referendum next year to become part of the planning policy for the area within the national, London and Lambeth framework.

It sets out our shared vision for our part of London and what we expect from investment, development and regeneration. We will follow these principles in promoting Norwood and our actions for the area.

Our draft charter can be found here. We are now seeking feedback from the local community on this, and other proposals that we will take forward in the Neighbourhood Plan, other projects and campaigns that we hope will make Norwood London’s Greenest Town.

For more information or to get in touch contact. info@norwoodplanning.org

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