• Amanda Courtney

NPA Work Plan July 2017

Here is our NPA July work plan:



(« = Specific project plan needed; outputs, timeline, resources, methods etc)

  1. Develop website and message capability

A1 Recruit IT and webmaster person DONE

A2 Secure funding from “Locality” DONE

A3 Develop the website and identity DONE

A4 Develop communication capability ONGOING

A5 Develop communication strategy ONGOING

  1. Apply for forum and area Designation


  1. Engage and Recruit

C1 Recruit NPA direct members (not less than 2000) ONGOING

C2 Confirm existing NAG and Forum members; (total 350?) DONE

C3 Publicise and promote NPA messages (NAG, NF and direct) ONGOING

C4 Engage diverse groups; schools, TAs, RAs, NW, church etc ONGOING

C5 Enlist business community; NORWOOD BID by end October

C6 Maintain promotion and achieve momentum; 8 events by end 2017

  1. Neighbourhood planning – initial phase

D1 Setting up policy task groups (site 18 and KIBA) by end October

D2 Setting up remaining policy task groups (workers!) by end November

D3 Agreeing a vision for Norwood (not urgent) by end November

D4 Establish evidence base and draft policies by end September

D5 Generating and capturing key policy options by end October

D6 Draft the CIL shopping list by end November

  1. Developing the Plan

E1 Develop relationships with stakeholders/supporters

E2 Establish council support

E3 Devise plan structure, features and style « (NB Resources, character assessment, housing needs assessment, Mayor’s Growth Fund, Site allocation policy etc

E4 Revise and refine engagement strategy « (see C3,4 and 5)


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