• Amanda Courtney




The NPA needs someone to set up any displays and arrange publicity

material at events such as Feast, at schools, businesses etc and at meetings. This

will be essential as the public are consulted about policies in the emerging Norwood

Plan. As well as physically arranging displays and material it will be important to

capture completed survey materials and feedback. Thus, flexibility, good humour

and a large car boot are vital. Like all volunteer roles, the time commitment is open-

ended but limited to what the volunteer is willing to devote. The work is thus entirely

voluntary but there is a large team of community volunteers who share the work.


1) Liaise with and support the NPA administrator on bookings, rotas etc.

2) Work to the NPA Publicity and Engagement plan

3) Coordinate with relevant NPA volunteers, speakers etc.

4) Ensure that display material and printed matter is suitably supplied and set up

for meetings and events.

5) Engage with the public/attendees as appropriate and ensure that volunteers

are in place and able to carry out such activities.

6) Promote the development of the plan by informing and advising the public

impartially and gathering views and comments.

7) Ensure that survey and feedback material is captured and passed on to the

relevant NPA person.

8) Generally support the work of the NPA in producing a Norwood Neighbourhood Plan.

To register your interest please email Amanda Courtney on admin@norwoodplanning.org


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