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Big Development Planned

After almost 20 years of lying fallow and derelict, the large site owned by Cashco next to Yellow Storage on the corner of Knight’s Hill and Chapel Road is the subject of a new plan.

The proposed site - view from Knights Hill

The proposed site - view from Chapel Road

Major international property consultant NJL Consulting has prepared preliminary proposals which are being put to public exhibition and comment. The date is Wednesday 29th March 3-8pm at the new Fire Station on Knight’s Hill (just up the hill from the site). It would be expected that NJL and the owner will try and take account of any concerns before making a planning application, so public input is important. To read and see more, click here (note that on the webpages, the captions for the two elevations have been transposed). The principal facts disclosed are for a ground level cash and carry with rental offices and 26 flats above. Limited parking provision will be for cash and carry customers and the residential units.

Cashco's current premises at Weir Road, Balham. The nearby West Norwood Tennis Courts currently has a redevelopment planning application under scrutiny by Lambeth planning officers (4/5 storey flats, a 1500 sq ft sport / community / commercial hall, other sport provision and a café). Those plans include reliance on the streets surrounding the Cashco site for parking; how two close-by parking generators will affect residents and existing businesses will need consideration.

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