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The Role of the Neighbourhood Plan


TV to write - Introduce what the planning will cover, areas of focus, what the process is.

Include neighbourhood dev orders.   The document is a framework and the process are now to refine these into coherent/detailed policies in next stage. How to read the document, the options will through a process be narrowed

Planning Policy Context

NPPF/London Plan/Lambeth Local Plan/Manual for Delivery (TV)

Norwood Context

This is the Neighbourhood Plan for Norwood. It sets the vision, planning and development plan for Norwood to 2030. It covers the area shown in the map. It has been written by a collective of local people and organisations over a period of over five years.

Norwood is one of London’s many towns and villages that make up the wider city.

We have a population of over 42,000 and over 7,000 people working here. We have a town centre and a number of smaller centres, plus parks, schools and other facilities including one of London’s “magnificent seven” Victorian cemeteries. We have a diverse population made up of people who originate from all over the world.

As a town we are similar in population size to Dover, Andover and Great Yarmouth.

As a community we worry about the cost of living, job security, access to shops, facilities and Green space and the impact of air pollution. We worry about what kind of place Norwood will be for our Children.

We also worry about the nature and impact of new development that takes place within our community.

Our plan sets out our ideas for addressing these and other issues to ensure Norwood remains a great place to live, with a prosperous and resilient future.

In particular we want to make sure that Norwood does all its can to respond to the global impacts of climate change and the climate emergency that has been declared by Lambeth Council.

Our vision and policies have been defined to ensure that environmental issues are considered in every aspect of planning, development and regeneration.

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