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To achieve our vision, the Neighbourhood Plan will comprise a combination of spatial planning policies, guidance and projects, the plan aims to provide a “greenprint” for developers, local authorities and others, setting out the aspirations of the local community over the next fifteen years. These aspirations include encouraging development which:

  1. Targets zero carbon emissions in all new developments by 2030 and is resilient to a changing climate

  2. Is well designed

  3. Makes the most of development opportunities that provide economic, cultural and community facilities, and equal opportunities for local people

  4. Make Norwood’s environment greener through increased planting and improving access to green spaces

  5. Reduces the need to travel by car, and make it easier to walk and cycle

  6. Improves Air Quality across our area.

  7. Provides a range of housing for everyone who wants to live here


The Charter

This is the Neighbourhood Plan for Norwood. It sets the vision, planning and development plan for Norwood to 2030. It covers the area shown in the map. It has been written by a collective of local people and organisations over a period of over five years.

View the survey results here.