The NPA is committed to developing a shared vision for Norwood, and to shaping the future development and growth of the area. Through NPA, local people are empowered to devise a land-use plan for Norwood which will become the statutory Neighbourhood Plan, when approved in a local referendum.   Please view the full message in the download link below and encourage your neighbours to join in.

The NPA held a Neighbourhood Plan Meeting on 28th November 2017 to discuss the plans for Site 18, better known as the Retail Heart of Norwood.  We heard from Greencourt Property about their plans and garnered feedback from the audience.  At the meeting, the audience participated in different breakout groups to discuss the plans and the feedback is captured in the document which can be downloaded via the link.


Site 18 includes the land between B&Q and Iceland, behind Norwood Road, which has been a wasted opportunity with many years of plans in place, but no action.  There are several site owners, including the council which owns Waylett Place car park.  Greencourt Property, having consulted the council, are now intending to develop the old laundry site, with offices, housing and improved access.  


The latest council plan promotes a more comprehensive approach across the whole site, with a new “retail hub” for Norwood, which necessarily includes B&Q.  We may however be better off with this partial but definite development. 


NPA will be undertaking a public design exercise this year to devise the best use of the site (which assumes the whole site can be assembled). 

Design Code Package from AECOM

The NPA has been awarded a package of technical support provided by AECOM, focused around the development of design codes as their main output. It is envisaged that we will then be able to use their outputs to inform draft policies for our Neighbourhood Plan. 

NPA Autumn Update 2017

An update on NPA planning developments and activities in the community

A briefing note to members, taking stock of NPA's designation status, with some suggested projects for the next six months.


Suggested task (planning policy) groups which correspond to the Lambeth Local Plan structure.


Introductory note for a public meeting held on 13 march.  This note explained the background of planning objections in Norwood and the context of "localism".  The opportunities for Norwood available from neighbourhood planning were outlined and some operating principles were set out.


This report gave an appraisal of localism in practice across England and noted some critical issues in Lambeth.

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