Priority Area 1 - Site Analysis

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Priority Area 1 is in multiple ownership, as shown in the image to the right.  The information has been identified from a detailed Land Registry search( undertaken as part of this report).

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priority area 1 - ownership.jpg

It is clear that any intervention in this area will need consultation and co-operation from all landowners. A robust phasing strategy will be required based on what sites can become available by what time. The phasing strategy will also need to support ongoing operations for various retailers whilst delivering high street interventions and other individual sites. Integration between various sites can prove to be challenging and can be ensured bydeveloping a ‘shared’ vision and delivery strategy early on.

Previous Council studies have already highlighted the fact that the fragmented landownership is a major obstacle
to the comprehensive redevelopment of Priority Area 1.However, the difference with the previous studies and thecurrent situation is that two of the key landowners are now progressing proposals for redevelopment - Leyton Clubs Ltd and Juno Asset Management.

Letters were sent to the landowners to invite them to the stakeholder workshop on 3rd October 2018 to discuss
the emerging options and their aspirations for their sites. Figure 4.1 shows those who attended the workshop in their capacity as landowners, representatives of landowners - or key tenant in the case of B&Q - and indicates the level of interest and momentum there now is in revitalising Priority Area 1.

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