The Business & Cultural Heart of West Norwood - A collaborative design workshop

We want the Neighbourhood Plan to be as inclusive as possible and ensure that as many people as possible who have a stake in the future of the local area have contributed to its preparation. To do this, during 2018 the NPA will undertake a series of collaborative “plan-making” events with an aim to sharing a draft plan with the local community by Christmas 2018.

One of these events will be a collaborative design workshop, focusing on the Business and Cultural Heart of West Norwood, the industrial area on either side of the High Street. We think there are some greatopportunitiestorevivetheHighStreetandthecommercialareatocreateanewidentityforWest Norwood and to support our local businesses. But we need your ideas and support to make this plan.


This document details the current state of general policy development for this group


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