OUR KIND OF NORWOOD - Making a neighbourhood plan for Norwood.


We are the Norwood Planning Assembly – a volunteer collective of local people who care about the future of Norwood.


We have received powers to create a locally crafted Neighbourhood Plan for Norwood. This puts planning powers at the heart of the community and enables local people to set the long term vision and planning policy for the area.  Click on this link to see a short video, for a quick guide to Neighbourhood Planning.


We already think that Norwood is a great place, but we want a plan to ensure it stays that way, and that great opportunities created by regeneration and new development benefit everybody.   See our mission here.


Our Neighbourhood Plan will help meet this objective – setting out policies and guidelines to support the growth and evolution of Norwood to 2040.


It's taken a few years to get here, but during 2018 the plan making will begin in earnest.




The Norwood Plan will be powered by local people. We have got very limited funding and rely entirely on volunteers.  In particular we need people with the following skills: graphic design and marketing, fund raising, architecture, planning and urban design (in particular students), story telling, social media, webdesign, virtual reality, minecraft, artists, engagement, people manning stalls... and anyone who is genuinely enthusiastic about keeping Norwood Great.


Anyone and everyone in the community can get involved. If you want to contribute, send an email here, and if you wish to be kept informed of news and events, sign up here.


Come and join us at our first Visioning Event on the 25th April at the Portico Gallery (details here).


A collaborative, community led approach to plan making

We want the Neighbourhood Plan to be as inclusive as possible and ensure that as many people as possible who have a stake in the future of the local area have contributed to its preparation.


To do this during 2018, the NPA will undertake a series of collaborative “plan-making” events with an aim to sharing a draft plan with the local community by Christmas 2018. This will comprise three main activities:​ 

  1. Visioning and Awareness Raising Workshops – aimed to engage as many people as possible in understanding common aspirations for the local area.

  2. Collaborative Design Workshops  – site specific design workshops for the main opportunity areas within our boundary, including the High Street and the retail Heart of Norwood.

  3. Policy Task Groups – smaller round-table, options and ideas generation and testing for area wide policies and development opportunity site designations 


Towards the end of 2018, we will be able to share the outcomes of these events and testing ideas/a draft plan - we're aiming for a referendum on the same day as the 2020 mayoral elections. 

This website includes information and updates about plans being developed across the six main areas:  retail areas, buildings, environment, social infrastructure, transport, and business.    The website will also highlight upcoming events and opinion polls and provide a platform for ideas from the planning groups as well as members of the community.


More information about what the whole planning process can be found in the about section; and details of the planning group activities are available in the planning section.