Welcome to the the Norwood Planning Assembly website.  Also known as the NPA, this has been established by local residents has received powers to create a locally crafted Neighbourhood Plan for Norwood.

What is a neighbourhood plan?  This is created by local residents and businesses and puts planning powers at the heart of the community and enables local people to set the long term vision and policy for the area.  Click on this link to see a short video, for a quick guide

Why do this now?  We already think that Norwood is a great place, but we want a plan to ensure it stays that way, and that great opportunities created by regeneration and new development benefit everybody.  Our first community survey has shown a strong desire from residents and businesses alike for town centre regeneration, protecting public spaces and addressing traffic and prying issues.  (see results here.)

Anyone and everyone in the community can get involved.   This is your opportunity to have a say in the future of our community.  Start by signing up here.


We are hosting a meeting for all residents and businesses on the 28th November to consider the future of the retail heart of the town centre.   Download details here.


We will be running community workshops and meetings to hear from you what matters most in our neighbourhood.  We are also running a series of surveys online to canvas opinion.  You can view the results of our first survey here.


It's taken a few years to get here, but now the plan making can begin in earnest. Over the coming weeks and months we will be setting out how we will work together to get the Norwood Plan adopted by 2020 - we're aiming for a referendum on the same day as the 2020 mayoral elections.

This website includes information and updates about plans being developed across the six main areas:  retail areas, buildings, environment, social infrastructure, transport, and business.    The website will also highlight upcoming events and opinion polls and provide a platform for ideas from the planning groups as well as members of the community.


More information about what the whole planning process can be found in the about section; and details of the planning group activities are available in the planning section.