Priority Area 1 - Town Centre

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Priority Area 1 of West Norwood is shown in the figure to the right


It lies on the west side of Norwood Road in the northern part of the West Norwood district centre.


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priority 1 area image.jpg

It is bounded to the north by York Hill, Norwood Road to the east, Lansdowne Hill to the south and the York Hill estate to the west.


The site contains a mix of uses with flatsabove shops, two large retail stores (Iceland and B&Q), a petrol station, and a pub on Norwood Road, and a mix of employment uses on the western part of the site with a vacant laundry building (former Brooks laundry site), car repair garages and industrial units including one which is being used as a church northwest of B&Q. It also includes a Council-owned public car park on Waylett Place.

It is well located within the district centre on the main commercial spine connecting to the railway station, as wellas Priority Area 2 in the south. Its significance, in terms ofits potential for revitalising West Norwood, has long been recognised in planning policy terms by Lambeth Council.

The site was originally identified in 2009 in the StrategicHousing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) and
the West Norwood Masterplan, and then formalised in the 2015 Local Plan as a major, retail-led, mixed-use redevelopment opportunity. The Council aspiration has been for a comprehensive redevelopment of the area butthis has proved difficult in terms of land assembly and thepotential of the site remained largely untapped, although there has been some redevelopment, notably the newIceland store with flats above, just south of Waylett Place.

However, this could all be about to change. In late 2017,
a outline planning application came forward for the residential-led redevelopment of the former Brooks laundry site on the western part of the site (currently being considered by Lambeth Council). In addition, the owners of two adjoining sites north of B&Q are in discussions 
with the Council about redeveloping their site, also for a residential-led mixed-use scheme.

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