The Green Town Plan will need to be supported by a number of evidence base studies to ensure it is robust and meets the requirements of an Examination.


To help, NPA applied for Locality Grant Funding in 2018 to help us develop design ideas for our main opportunity sites in the Town Centre (Lambeth Local Plan “Site 18”, Norwood High Street and the Business Area (“KIBA”).


This has been carried out by AECOM as Locality’s technical consultants.


This technical support aims to provide the NPA with information (evidence) and advice (professional judgement) to help them decide its priorities and direction for the Nieghbourhood Plan, to draft policy intents in relation to spatial proposals and design, and to engage confidently with stakeholders such as developers, Lambeth Council, local businesses and of course residents, who will have a vote on the draft Neighbourhood  Plan at the referendum stage.


We now have the final report and will use it to help develop our plan policies, proposals and guidelines further.


This document puts forward recommendations for us to consider but is by no means definitive in that it is a ‘high level’ strategic analysis of the area and its potential, rather than a detailed proposal. This document provides impartial technical support and explores possible policy directions to inform the NPA’s neighbourhood plan-making process and to inform our discussions with the local community. It is not a blueprint for the Neighbourrhood Plan, but a starting point for discussion.

Information leaflet summarising current and imminent NPA activities and planning groups.


The updated project plan for the next 6 months of NPA activities and milestones

This document presents a first draft definition of the task groups which have been defined along the lines of Lambeth's Norwood Plan.

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