The Norwood Green Town Charter 


The Green Town Charter co-produced by the Norwood Planning Assembly, Norwood Action Group, Norwood Forum and Station-to-Station BID puts forward our shared high-level aspirations for the wider Norwood area derived from our close and continuing engagement with residents and businesses. It forms the foundation for the continuing work of all four community organisations and will underpin the Norwood Planning Assembly lead preparation of more detailed policies and proposals in the Norwood Green Town Plan, a neighbourhood plan for the area which will be put to a public referendum next year to become part of the planning policy for the area within the national, London and Lambeth framework.

Download a copy of the charter here

It sets out our shared vision for our part of London and what we expect from investment, development and regeneration. We will follow these principles in promoting Norwood and our actions for the area

Our Vision: By 2030 Norwood will be London’s Greenest Town*

*This will involve a greener physical environment, as well as taking measures to reduce our impacts on the planet and in turn improving the overall health & wellbeing, quality of life and prosperity of our community.


Our Expectations and Ambitions

  1. We want to see zero carbon emissions in all new developments by 2030 and a place to live, work and enjoy that is resilient to the climate emergency that we face.

  2. We want significant improvements to air quality across our area, tackling high levels of pollution along Norwood Road and other main thoroughfares.

  3. We want Norwood to have buildings and spaces that are well designed, with the necessary infrastructure and that is sympathetic to the existing character. This should respect existing building heights and work with the varied topography and spectacular views that our neighbourhood benefits from.

  4. We want to ensure that new development provides economic, cultural and community facilities, and equal opportunities for all. This must go beyond immediate profits and instead be long-term investment.

  5. We want to ensure our local services are able to expand and adapt to keep abreast of the demands from the rising local population, and there is a focus on improved health and wellbeing of our population along with ensuring everyone can access the education and training they need to succeed.  

  6. We want a town that is full of art, culture, creativity and sport – making the most of new opportunities and the existing assets such as the South London Theatre, West Norwood Library & Picturehouse, West Norwood Health & Leisure Centre, pubs, cafes and restaurants, places of worship, and supporting the numerous local artists and creatives that are based here.

  7. We want to make Norwood’s environment greener through increased planting, creating new areas and improving access to all our green spaces. We want our allotments and own gardens to be greener.

  8. We want to support a vibrant and viable local economy with new and better spaces for a variety of businesses that are affordable and are good neighbours and which create secure good jobs for local people. We want a thriving West Norwood town centre and local parades with limited vacancies and a range of businesses to support our day-to-day needs.

  9. We want to reduce travel by car and make it easier to walk and cycle and use public transport.

  10. We want to ensure a supply of local affordable housing and a mix of homes to meet the varied demands of local people.


As a community we will work together to make this happen and we welcome comments on the Charter and the input of all residents and businesses in Norwood.

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