We are the Norwood Planning Assembly – a volunteer collective of local people who care about the future of Norwood.


We have received powers, through the 2011 Localism Act, to create a locally crafted Neighbourhood Plan for Norwood. This puts planning powers at the heart of the community and enables local people to set the long term vision and planning policy for the area.  Click on this link to see a short video, for a quick guide to Neighbourhood Planning.


This will enable you, other local residents and businesses to have a greater say in building and development in our area.  Together we will decide where future shops, housing, community and workspaces should be, what they look like and press for property to be more affordable too. 

Our Neighbourhood Plan will help meet this objective – setting out policies and guidelines to support the growth and evolution of Norwood to 2040.


We already think that Norwood is a great place, but we want a plan to ensure it stays that way, and that great opportunities created by regeneration and new development benefit everybody.   


It's taken a few years to get here, but since the middle of 2018 we have witnessed the plan making begin in earnest.

The intended Norwood Plan will have to be approved by the voters of Norwood in a referendum.  All future planning applications will be determined according to the Norwood Plan, produced by Norwood people.

Who are we?


The Norwood Planning Assembly is governed by, and accountable to, the Norwood Action Group (NAG)and the Norwood Forum, meeting together as the planning assembly.  NAG and the Forum and the NPA itself are open to Norwood residents, workers and businesses. 

The Norwood Planning assembly, like any neighbourhood planning forum, must have at least 21 local people - members - who will lead the planning process.  We are successfully building an increasingly large database of local people and businesses supporting neighbourhood planning and to date we are delighted that more than 1400 members of the community have put themselves forward as members.   Go to the members page to register, if you are interested in participating.

The Norwood Planning assembly will elect an executive committee every year and members of the community are welcome to put themselves forwards for election.   (see the events page for information on the elections).


​In the meantime, the Norwood Planning Assembly is being managed through a steering committee, formed from Norwood Action Group and the Norwood Forum, who are managing the designation process.  See the separate page for who is on the steering committee.